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JUNE 10, 2020


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Febuary 10, 2020

Costie Payne announces the release of his new single and music video, “DROWNING.”

New release is scheduled for February 10, 2020, which is also the artist’s birthday. “This release is special in so many ways. So, it was only right to release it on my birthday,” says Costie. Both the single and music video will be released on the same day.

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DECEMBER 17, 2018


Iʼm so excited about the new single “Covers Me.” Be sure to check back with us soon as we will be updating our website ...

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MAR. 20, 2018

The Official Release Date of my New Single, "Q.T.M.O." [Produced by Ben Parris, Exclusively for Maskaraid Productions, LLC. and Alex Smith for Narrowstreet Music]

Audio Never Ask Why Remix

Costie Payne Remix Cover

*Never Ask Why Remix
*GRACE AND LOVE Original Mix

Check out the Premiere of my new single
'Never Ask Why'
Download or Stream the "Grace And Love Plushlife Remix" on Google Play. Only $.99!!!!
こちらの”Grace And Love Plushlife Remix” バージョンが 200円 で下記のサイトからダウンロードできます。 皆様の協力宜しくお願いします

Whom the son sets free is free indeed
-John 8:36

Never Ask Why (Remix)

Never Ask Why (Remix)Never Ask Why (Remix) AVAILABLE NOW!  Download.
Grace & Love: Inside Studio Remix Master AVAILABLE NOW!  Download.

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Interview on SoulProsper Radio with Mr. Fred Willis

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Exclusive On location Scene Images of Costie Payne's Music Video for “Love And Grace”.


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“Covers Me” | Costie Payne Official Music Video


Costie Payne Photos

“The Good News Music Movement and I are committed to our mission: CHANGING AND SAVING LIVES THROUGH MUSIC”, says nationally known, accomplished songwriter, composer and gospel recording artist, Costie Payne. Costie is just a humble servant of God's, born and raised in Magnolia, Arkansas whose singing career was launched in the choir at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Those roots have allowed him to travel around the world singing with artists such as the R&B group, Rolls Royce and Pop Stars, the Bus Boys. Now he is inspiring people through gospel music and his personal testimonies of God’s goodness and what He’s done in his life. His new single “Never Ask Why” is just that! It's a reflection of his journey coming into his BREAKTHROUGH, running towards his purpose and not away from it, and not asking questions…just being thankful for the small and big things that we sometimes seem to take for granted.

Costie says, “Since 1993, I've been running from this project and now I am running towards it and surrendering to God's will. I was given a prophetic word from Prophet Todd Hall. His words: “God said that you could have already been where you’ve dreamed of being but HE doesn’t want you to do it YOUR way, He wants you to do it His way and you are going to write a book one day telling the story of how God changed your life.” I knew what he was saying was real because that seed was already planted in my heart, but out of fear and disobedience, I ran from it.”

He continues, “When I moved to LA, I was given the same prophetic words from Pastor White, and again I ignored it and kept running. I thought because of the life that I was living, there was no way God could use me. I thought that I had to be perfect and that I was beyond saving. So, I continued to live my life in disobedience and rebelliousness. Pastor White told me that God was going to place me "UNDER ARREST” to get my attention. I had no idea what that meant. Now, it makes sense. When I was led to Japan, this was my “solitary confinement” I was separated from my comfort zone, friends, family, culture, etc… And when my disobedience and rebelliousness drove me to the lowest point of my life, there was nowhere I could run and no one else I could turn to but GOD. Now, instead of running from HIM, I had to run to HIM and learning to trust him whole-heartedly, and had it not been for His grace, love, and favor, I would have self-destructed.”

Today, Costie Payne is committed to reaching the highly anticipated goals of international artist and producer through his Good News Music Movement. The core values instilled in him by his loving mother and grandparents, together with his strong faith in God drive him to produce and promote positive musical projects that he intends to use to affect the lives of many people throughout the world. Even though he now lives in Wakayama, Japan, he still has roots in Magnolia, Arkansas and is still a part of the community. He is an Ambassador for the Magnolia-based non-profit organization, F.A.D.D. (Families Against Distractive Driving) and he helps to spread the word about the organization worldwide. For more information on Costie Payne, follow him on twitter @Cpayneworldwide, Instagram @costipayne or visit him at

Costie Payne(コスティーペイン)

アメリカ、アーカンソー州出身。5歳からバブテスト教会に属し、聖歌隊で歌い始めた。 数々の海外大物アーティストのツアーメンバーとして参加し、ヨーロッパ各地や日本、アジアを回る。 往年のソウルグループであるローズ・ロイスや、スヌープ・ドッグのグループへ参加、 また、アシャンティやKC&JoJo、ジャ・ルール、M.Cハマー等多くのアーティストと共演。

R&B・ソウルボーカリストとしてだけでなく、ソングライター、コンポーザーとしても活躍し、 セルフプロデュースとして手がけた作品は、 インディーソウルファンの間で注目を集めるなどマルチな才能を発揮する。


I choose to STAND OUT boldly and NOT be conformed to the box that the world may try to place me in. I am not a CROSSOVER artist… I am an artist prepared to take the CROSS over.


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Japan Representation:WAD | Miho Yamamoto
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Costie Payne

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